Have You Heard About Hydrofracking?


Hydrofracking is a controversial subject, especially in New York State. Some are for hydrofracking because it provides more money to the state, and it also gives people an alternative energy source. On the other hand, others were very upset about this because hydrofracking can contaminate their water and can worsen environmental problems.

According to Citizens Campaign for the Environment, hydrofracking is a modern method of getting natural gas from underground. A chemical cocktail of water mixed with other chemicals is shot into the ground with a lot of pressure. First, the company that will be doing the hydrofracking comes in and cuts down the trees to make sure the ground is clear. Then, they drill vertically first into the ground and then again horizontally. Once they have drilled both vertically and horizontally, they insert the mixture of water and chemicals into the ground through the drillings they made. This hydrofracking process uses a lot of water.

There has not been an agreement as to whether there are more pros than cons. Upstate New York has already seen its fair share of hydrofracking, but it begs the question, how does this affect New York City?

Hydrofracking definitely impacts New York City because the water that New York City gets comes from Upstate. If the original source of water becomes contaminated by chemicals leaking into the water supply it will cause a lot of problems. What are some of the negative health effects that can be caused by impure water from hydrofracking?  There is no guarantee that hydrofracking would definitely affect New York City’s drinking water, but there is also no guarantee that it will not. Therefore, everyone must be aware of the possible benefits of this process along with the possible hazards that could arise. One benefit is that instead of using coal to get energy, the United States can use domestic gas instead of getting it internationally, and it will help grow bring more jobs into this industry. A few cons are that it releases methane, greenhouse gases, and gas companies refuse to admit the chemicals that are released and created during this process. These chemicals could affect the lifestyles of many by polluting their water system and causing unwanted disease to arise from that (such as cancer).

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