2014 Area of Growth Zones in Washington Heights & Inwood

Con Edison is bringing more natural gas infrastructure to Washington Heights and Inwood in 2014. If you are living in, own, or manage a building that wants to switch over to natural gas please reference this chart to determine if your building is within ones of these new area of growth zones.

On June 6th, Community Board 12’s Housing Committee set up a meeting with various stakeholders in the field of Clean Heat. Chris Carini and Joe McGowen of Con Edison gave a presentation during the meeting introducing the new area of growth zones that will be coming into effect in 2014. For those who reside within the J2 zone which runs from Dyckman Street to 207th Street river to river the deadline to hand in the natural gas application to Con Edison is coming up on September 20th. There is also another zone (HI) that will be implemented this year from 173rd to 178th Street river to river, the application deadline for this zone has already passed.

Joe McGowen, gave some tips to keep in mind when applying for natural gas:

  1. First, Con Edison will serve customers in non-area of growth zone areas.
  2. 95% of area of growth zones applicants receive a zero cost option which has a timeline specific deadline.
  3. It is important that internal conversion costs are accessed and financed before applying for natural gas.
  4. Gas service requests must have an email address.
  5. After receiving approval from Con Edison to obtain natural gas service there must be a signed contract with a plumber within 60 days.
  6. Effective on June 10th there is a Natural Gas Commitment that is mandated for those who apply to receive the service. If approved for natural gas, the applicant must go through with the entire process. This stems from issues that have come up in the past where applicants back out of the process and take away the chance for another applicant who actually intends to follow through to receive the service and the financing.
  7. About 6-8 months after the natural gas pipe is entered into the building, Con Edison will bill the customer for the service regardless of whether or not they are using it.

You can also find more information here.



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